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Welcome to the Sheboygan Masjid

Established by the Islamic Society of Sheboygan


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Sunday School Updates

Sunday School will resume from 09/18/2021 starting 11 am to 2 pm.

Ramadan Mubarak 2021!
Ramadan month will be starting on Tuesday 13th April and Tarawyh prayers will start on Monday 12th April right after Isha Prayers. We hope to see you there. Ramadan Mubarak!

Board Elections 2021 Update

The date to submit applications for 2021 board election has passed. The date of the election will be announced soon. 

Community Reach-out


October 2018

We are active members of the community and welcome everyone. If you would like to meet with us, or if you would like our delegation to visit your organization, we are happy to oblige.

General Programs and Services

For Children and Adults


Prayers five times daily

The daily five prayers are conducted by the Imaam

Salah Al-Jumuah Every Friday at the Sheboygan Masjid.

The khutbah starts at 1.15pm and Salat al-Jumuah starts at 1.35pm. You are most welcome to join us in congregation.


Sunday School

Quran classes for children and adults

Every Sunday, Quran classes are held for children of all ages and adults. Classes start at 11 am  and end at 2 pm. Dhuhr prayers are held during the last 15 minutes and then children leave with their parents.


Your support is a blessing

Support the masjid in numerous ways

You can support the masjid by donating. Your donations will be utilized to cover regular building costs, renovations and school costs. We accept cash donations, checks and all major payment cards processed through Square device.

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